A look inside the Greek riots

This story from the Daily Mail examines how the culture of entitlement in Greece is behind the recent riots. The headline sums it up perfectly:

Better to die from a bullet than working: That is the mantra of pampered, lazy Greek rioters used to living off the state

Generations of government largess have literally destroyed the Greek work ethic. The entitlement culture is so entrenched for a large segment of Greek society that they will fight to maintain it.

A red circled capital A – the international sign of anarchy – marks the door of the headquarters of the Anarchist Party at a university in Athens. Inside the lights are on, but nobody is home.

Demetra, a ‘conservative’ student, tells me her anarchist classmates are rarely in before mid-afternoon.

‘They like to sleep when they’re not being anarchists,’ she explains wryly.

Every inch of their base is sprayed with anti-capitalist and anti-state graffiti.

There are pictures showing pigs dressed as riot police beating downtrodden workers.

The usual thing. But one catches the eye: ‘Better to die from a bullet than from working.’

Demetra laughs with embarrassment. My middle-aged taxi driver Vasilis does not find it so funny and tells me this lies at the heart of the whole crisis that Greece finds itself in.

It is a country that’s not working hard enough and suffers from a bloated, money-devouring state and a mentality that the state owes them a living.

Vasilis is angry, not just at the politicians for bringing Greece to its knees, but at public-sector workers who are refusing to change.

Greece is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of Europe has also fostered a huge entitlement culture. How long before we see the same things happening there?

Read the whole thing…


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