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A fitting memorial for Ted Kennedy

Posted in Congress, Culture on April 29, 2010 by DaMook

After years of legal battles and adamant opposition from Ted Kennedy, the Department of Interior finally gave the go ahead for an off shore wind energy farm off the coast of Cape Cod. It appears that at least some of the influence of the Kennedy clan died with the passing of “Father Ted.” (story here from Reuters)

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar gave the green light for the historic 130-turbine, 420-megawatt Cape Wind project in Horseshoe Shoal, Nantucket Sound, in what supporters considered a huge step forward for renewable energy in the United States.

“This project fits with the tradition of sustainable development in the area,” Salazar said in Boston.

Although small in terms of its production — the facility would produce enough electricity to power 400,000 houses — its approval was encouraging to other offshore wind projects already proposed for the East Coast and Great Lakes.

Cape Wind was subject to years of environmental review and political maneuvering, including adamant opposition from the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose six-acre (2.4 hectare) family compound in Hyannis Port overlooks Nantucket Sound.

A final ruling was near in 2009, but delayed again after two Wampanoag Indian tribes complained that the giant turbines would disturb spiritual sun greetings and possibly ancestral artifacts and burial grounds on the seabed.

Opponents have deemed the project an eyesore, and raised issues ranging from a detrimental effect on property values in the popular vacation area south of Boston, to possible damage to birds, whales, fishing, aviation, and historic sites.

I’ll bet these same opponents, from a very blue state, probably would be gung ho for this “green” project if it were in your backyard.


FBI agent – militia? Uh, er, um, what militia?

Posted in Government Folly, UGH! on April 29, 2010 by DaMook

One month ago the FBI, after conducting a two year investigation, swooped in on a Michigan militia group and arrested nine of its members. The state-run media was all over the story of this “violent” Christian group who were plotting to kill law enforcement officers. (story here)

This story tells how it may not have been the FBI, but the Keystone Kops who investigated the group. The lead investigator apparently doesn’t remember many of the details of the investigation.

An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn’t recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers.

Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

“I share the frustrations of the defense team … that she doesn’t know anything,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said after agent Leslie Larsen confessed she hadn’t reviewed her notes recently and couldn’t remember specific details of the case.

Judge Roberts is hearing an appeal of another judge’s order that has kept members of so-called Hutaree militia in jail since their arrest in late March.

The friggin’ lead investigator doesn’t remember any details of the investigation? What the hell kind of outfit are they (the FBI) running out there? This is embarrassing to say the least.

The nine lawyers asked specific questions about each defendant. Ms. Larsen said she had not listened entirely to certain recordings made by an undercover agent who infiltrated the group.

She said that because they were still being examined, she didn’t know if weapons seized by investigators last month were illegal.

At other times, Ms. Larsen couldn’t answer questions because she said she hadn’t reviewed investigative reports.

Defense lawyer William Swor asked if the No. 1 defendant, Hutaree leader David Stone, had ever instructed anyone to make a bomb.

“I can’t fully answer that question,” the agent replied.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Tukel defended Ms. Larsen, telling the judge it wasn’t clear until Monday that she would testify.

Judge Roberts, however, said she told the government to be prepared last week.

Yeah, they were prepared alright. What a mess…

Chris Dodd’s financial “reform”

Posted in BIG Government, Congress, UGH! on April 28, 2010 by DaMook

Chris Dodd’s financial “reform” package is facing stiff opposition in the senate but it may get a boost from the congressional sideshow with Goldman Sachs. Citing the current financial “crisis” as motivation for “reform,” Dodd has put together a legislative bomb stuffed with payoffs to his cronies and biggest contributors. Has anyone actually looked at some of the details of this toxic cocktail? Here’s one view from the CATO Institute.

The financial-regulatory bill now before the Senate is so filled with special-interest loopholes and exclusions that it makes the health-care “reform” bill, with its “Cornhusker Kickback” and “Louisiana Purchase,” look like a model of rectitude.

The Senate bill, sponsored by Democrat Chris Dodd, claims to subject all “too big to fail” institutions to greater federal supervision, but in fact it only mandates such regulation for bank-holding companies. Regulators would have to make a case-by-case decision on whether to apply it to other financial companies.
That’s no minor oversight, because insurance companies, like AIG, tend to have thrift charters rather than bank charters. So, as the bill stands now, AIG and other insurers that accepted massive bailout funds, such as The Hartford, would not be automatically covered. That’s a head-scratcher only if you forget that most insurance companies reside in Dodd’s home state, Connecticut.

It also creates more bureaucracy with a new consumer protection bureau. Just what we need – another government agency where progress and action are measured in furlongs per fortnight.

But the section of the bill most littered with exemptions is probably the proposed consumer-protection bureau. In some instances, these exclusions actually roll back existing consumer protections.

For example, your real-estate agent cannot, under RESPA, be paid a fee for steering you toward a certain home inspector, title company or other closing service. Yet, under the Dodd bill, real-estate agents would be exempted from RESPA. If that weren’t bad enough, the Dodd bill exempts insurers and attorneys — both now subject to RESPA — from its consumer protections, too.

Having spent some time running the RESPA office at US Department of Housing and Urban Development, I can tell you its biggest lawbreakers are title-company and real-estate agents. It’s hard not to conclude that having the largest political-action committee in Washington has turned out to be a smart move for the National Association of Realtors.

Attorneys, insurers and real-estate agents aren’t the only ones exempted from the bill’s consumer-protection provisions. The Farm Credit System, a government-sponsored lender that directly competes with banks, is excluded, too. Perhaps this should come as no surprise, because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, those crackerjack institutions at the heart of the mortgage meltdown, are also exempt. Worse yet is that Wall Street is exempted from the reach of the proposed consumer-protection agency — its regulation will remain with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which proved itself asleep at the switch during this last period of financial shenanigans.

President Obama proclaimed in his finger-wagging at Cooper Union last week that “unless your business model depends on bilking people, there is little to fear from these rules.” If that’s true, then I ask the president: Why not apply these rules to everyone?

Because applying the rules to everyone would go against our dear comrade leader’s policy of crony capitalism where the government picks winners and losers. Unfortunately under this system, the taxpayers are always the losers.

More global warming hysteria – Prince Charles edition

Posted in Climategate, Culture, UGH! on April 28, 2010 by DaMook

If algore is the pope of the church of global warming, surely Prince Charles is the bishop of Canterbury. He’s also a raving moonbat with an even bigger carbon footprint than man-pear-pig himself. (Maybe he just needs something to do while waiting for his dear Mum to die so he can become king.) Apparently the Prince of “Wails” is going to be featured in a movie to be aired on NBC. (story here from JWF)

Read the whole thing – it’s one of the better takedowns of this super-hypocrite fool.

I’ll say it again for those who weren’t listening: Until you find a way to reduce your own carbon footprint to sub-gargantuan levels, shut your bloody pie hole about the rest of us. This one’s for you, Charlie:


Got it, Charlie?

CA officials want to ban Happy Meal toys

Posted in BIG Government, Culture, Government Folly, Nanny State on April 28, 2010 by DaMook

California took the lead yesterday in its race with NY to become the most oppressive nanny state in the US with a proposal by Santa Clara county officials to ban toys in McDonalds Happy Meals. (story here from the LA Times) Of course, this is done to “save the children” from the evil marketers who force unhealthy food down the kid’s throats.

The latest target in the battle over fast food is something you shouldn’t even put in your mouth.

Convinced that Happy Meals and other food promotions aimed at children could make kids fat as well as happy, county officials in Silicon Valley are poised to outlaw the little toys that often come with high-calorie offerings.

The proposed ban is the latest in a growing string of efforts to change the types of foods aimed at youngsters and the way they are cooked and sold. Across the nation, cities, states and school boards have taken aim at excessive sugar, salt and certain types of fats.Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the proposal would forbid the inclusion of a toy in any restaurant meal that has more than 485 calories, more than 600 mg of salt or high amounts of sugar or fat. In the case of McDonald’s, the limits would include all of the chain’s Happy Meals — even those that include apple sticks instead of French fries.

I guess these assclowns have solved all the other problems in Santa Clara county. Why not just ban the fast food joints altogether?

TEA Party accusers now want you to forget about it – Breitbart won’t let them

Posted in Congress, Culture, State-run media, Take back America on April 27, 2010 by DaMook

On March 20th, members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed that angry TEA Party protesters shouted racial epithets at them as they walked past the DC rally. The left and their pals in the state-run media immediately spun up into a frenzy – accusing the TEA Party of being violent hateful Nazis. Yet, lost in all the frothing from the left was any evidence whatsoever of anyone actually hurling these epithets – despite the presence of video cameras and cell phones recording the event.

Andrew Breitbart issued a challenge for actual evidence – any evidence from any source that would confirm the CBC accusations. He initially offered $10,000 (more here) then bumped it to $100K (more here) when no one came forward.  Again, despite the reward offers, no evidence has been found.

Now, after more than 5 weeks have passed without corroborating evidence, it appears that the accusers don’t want to talk about the incident any more. Let’s just forget about it – can’t we all just get along? Breitbart is having none of it. (story here from

Rep. Andre Carson wants to change the subject. I don’t blame him.

On April 13, 2010 he told AP reporter Jesse Washington, “I think we need to move toward a dialogue that explores why this kind of divisive and reprehensible language is still making it into our political debate.”

The “divisive and reprehensible language” that Rep. Carson is referring to is his claim that while he left the Cannon office building on March 20 with Rep. John Lewis, they were verbally assaulted by health care protesters hurling the “N-word” at them. He said the scene was so hostile he “expected rocks to come” when he was coming out of Cannon.

Now this story is much more important than the accusation of fifteen racists among the thousands of protesters that day. This is now about the accusers.

It’s not just that Congressmen Carson’s accusation of an extraordinary racist verbal assault by the tea party participants on March 20 doesn’t appear to have occurred, it’s that the accusers have now gone into the bunker and, having raised the incendiary subject, are doing everything they can to avoid the discussion. Why? What’s changed?

What’s changed is that without proof of their charges, the questions are now about whether this occurred or not. Breitbart is not giving up.

The absence of a real investigation by a press that played up the accusations is a more-than-tacit admission that they were hoping the allegations were true. When I mentioned the lack of response to the $100k offer to Politico’s Ben Smith, he messaged me on Twitter: ‘I think you’ve pretty much won this one, no?’

But how does that “win” manifest itself? On April 15, the day of the Tax Day Tea Party in front of the White House, and being interviewed by ABC’s Terry Moran for Nightline set to air Tuesday night, I passionately defended the movement against the powerful racism charge that has been greatly pushed by the Congressional Black Caucus’s accusation of a 1960 Selma-like incident near the Capitol.

At least twice during the spirited questioning by Moran, bystanders screamed “racist” at me.

The power of the propaganda. The power of the repeated accusations. The power of the relentless race-based line of questioning. They are all adding up to the liars and slanderers getting exactly what they wanted. The Tea Party is marred by racism charges while Congressman Carson, at the least, should be facing an ethics investigation, and a civil rights legend should be asking for forgiveness for allowing for the hateful lie to stand.

The “win” Ben Smith speaks of comes in the form of silence. Our nation is split down the middle and the press has chosen to play for one side and one side only.

Congressman Carson refuses to respond to our requests because he can’t answer questions that deserve answers. The press is drawing a line in the sand for those that are doing the job the press should be doing: “Are you calling a civil rights legend a liar?”

Unfortunately, I am. And the mainstream media are as complicit in this lie as Congressman Lewis.

Thank you Andrew Breitbart…

Corruptocrats and financial “reform”

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It looks like Chris Dodd’s financial “reform” bill is dead in the senate – for now. (story here) The democrats are not giving up so you can expect this fight to continue because it has the full support of our dear comrade leader.

Given that Dodd and our dear comrade have been two of the biggest beneficiaries of Wall Street largess, you can bet that the financial titans have had a large hand in crafting this “reform” to benefit themselves. This post (from Michelle Malkin) points out the underhanded details of the “reform” bill.

In Chicago politics, there’s an old term for the publicly-subsidized pay-offs meted out to the corruptocrats’ friends and special interests: Boodle.

In the age of Obama, “reform” is all about the boodle. So it was with the stimulus. And the massive national service expansion. And the health care bill. And so it is with the financial “reform” bill set for a Senate vote at around 5:30pm Eastern today. In front of the cameras, the Democrats will lambaste the greedy, Wall Street money. Behind the scenes, they’re pocketing Wall Street campaign donations and working out deals.

Read the whole thing…