Do as we say (not as we do) – BBC edition

Ya gotta love the global warming climate change cultists – especially the limousine liberals. While they preach to the unwashed masses about how much toilet paper to use, how you should shiver in the dark during winter, or swelter in the dark during summer, they proceed to jet around the globe, build huge mansions, or generally maintain gargantuan carbon footprints. The hypocrisy of these moonbats is absolutely stunning.

The BBC is probably one of the loudest trumpets in the global warming orchestra and, according to this story (from the Daily Mail), one of the most hypocritical.

The BBC has spent almost £5million ($7.7M USD) on flying its directors, staff and guests around Britain, it has been revealed.

Despite the corporation’s pledge to be more environmentally friendly, the licence-fee payer has funded almost 100 short-haul flights a day for BBC staff – a massive 68,000 plane trips over the past two years.

And BBC chiefs have been among the biggest culprits for making these journeys – despite an internal report stating that staff will be encouraged ‘to use rail rather than air wherever that is feasible’.

Interesting. Seems like this is a massive “Do as we say…” hypocrisy FAIL on the part of the BBC. Their response to criticism generated by this story:

A spokesman for Friends of the Earth said: ‘There’s no excuse for flying across the UK when there are greener alternatives such as travelling by train.’

Matthew Elliott of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘Some BBC staff seem to be accustomed to travelling five star, but this kind of luxury can’t go on.’

A spokesman said the BBC was introducing video conferencing to cut down on the need to travel to meetings. But she added: ‘It remains the case that domestic flights are sometimes the cheapest and most time-efficient means for transport.’

So “…domestic flights are sometimes the cheapest and most time-efficient means for transport?” They are for the BBC – but not for thee. OK. Then until you find a way to reduce your own carbon footprint, shut your bloody pie hole about everyone else. Same goes for Cheryl Crowe, algore, and the rest of the global warming hypocrites.


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