This is GREAT! GOV2.0

This is a great post and a must read! When you begin a post with the following quote:

I want to strip the bark off and tenderize the tough meat of Uncle Sam until he heels without so much as a cross look from likely voters.   I want to make government our bitch.

how can it be at all bad?

Read the whole thing – it’s awesome…


4 Responses to “This is GREAT! GOV2.0”

  1. O. Theumanity Says:

    The corruption in this country is so deeply entrenched, so pervasive, that all the protests and tea parties in the world aren’t going to stop it. This country is based on a corrupt 2 party system and nothing is allowed to flourish outside of that system. Remember the efforts of Ross Perot, all that did was to divide things even more, it didn’t serve to unite or change anything. The tea party movement has no leadership, it’s a bunch of citizens who want change with no organized way to bring it about. The system has to be changed from within and neither party is going to let anyone in but those who will do the bidding of the party. The power to vote is a meaningless joke, you vote for either bad, or worse. You can buy and horde all the guns and ammo that you want to, but the government holds the power of law and controls the army. Fire the first shot and you’ll leave your house or property in a body bag or hand cuffs. Remember Kent State in Ohio and that was a peaceful protest until Uncle Sam stepped in. You can rant, revile, piss and moan all you want, but those in power will never give it up.

    (Ecclesiastes 1:15)  That which is made crooked cannot be made straight, and that which is wanting cannot possibly be counted.

    • So “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” – sorry, I don’t buy it. I agree that corruption is deeply rooted in American government but I disagree that nothing can be done about it. We may never root out ALL the corruption but I believe that we can do something about it. We don’t live in a Gulag – yet.

      You say that because the TEA Party is unorganized, it cannot influence anything. I say that it is precisely BECAUSE it has no established leadership, it can and likely will have a major impact. Maybe not in 2010, but certainly moving forward. Look at how the attitudes of politicians and the state-run media have changed over the last year regarding the TEA Party – they went from dismissive to “Hey, maybe there IS something about this movement.” Remember, it is not a third party (which certainly IS a loser in our entrenched 2 party system) – it is an idea; it is a movement that attracts dems, repubs, and independents.

      The power of the vote is not a meaningless joke, although I will concede that the 2 party system has substantially reduced its power over the past 60 years. The beauty of the TEA Party is that it has restored some of the power of voting – witness Scott Brown’s victory in MA. Witness the power of the TEA Party in almost every major upcoming election race – they have BOTH dems and repubs running scared.

      Just an FYI – arming yourself is not about fighting the government (although it may come to that). It is about surviving the collapse of society.

      Sounds like I’ve got to make a trip up to NY and we have to have a few beers together. Maybe I can convince you face to face what it’s all about.

      Thanks for the comments…

  2. O. Theumanity Says:

    That’s all well and good, but who is going to pay for the unemployment bennies, buyouts, golden parachutes and early retirement bennies all those former government employees will be “entitled” to? Also here in New York, we pay out billions to computer savvy companies to consult and design more efficient computer programs to run our many agencies better and more efficiently. This has been going on for years and now they are all deeply entrenched and never seem to be able to design the perfect system because the “parameters” keep changing. This goes on in every state and government and will never change. Good idea that will just add to the buraucracy of FAIL.

    • So is your position that we do nothing? You believe that this can’t be changed somehow? Even a little?

      And I thought *I* was a cynic….

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