The Scandal of Solar Power in Spain

The saga of “green jobs” buffoonery continues as congress and our dear comrade leader are about to tackle Cap and Tax legislation. To bolster the concept of green jobs, Spain’s efforts have often been cited as an example of what we should be doing to mitigate global warming climate change and create jobs of the future. However, it seems that Spain has discovered that not only has their investment in green jobs increased private sector unemployment, but it has also put a serious hurt on their economy. These inconvenient facts have only been a minor speed bump for the administration’s green jobs express so far as they sought to disparage the Spanish government’s assessment and the compliant state-run media have ignored the story. (more here)

This post (by Chris Horner at says that more recent news from Spain will only cause more consternation for our dear leader.

“Think about what’s happening in countries like Spain.” It seems so long ago that Barack Obama thus instructed us — eight times — to ponder his model for a “green jobs” economy. Regular readers of Planet Gore — and particularly those who read Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America — know the backstory on Spain’s embrace of renewables. It was just over one year ago that, responding to Obama’s call to examine these policies, Gabriel Calzada et al. published their “Study of the effects on employment of public aid to renewable energy sources,” which detailed the job-killing effects of state investment in inefficient and unreliable power.

This week there was more bad news from Spain:

On Tuesday, the story finally made it onto the front page of Expansión (their equivalent of the Financial Times) — earning coverage by an editorial and two opeds, as well.

The paper’s front page screams: “the cost of renewables skyrockets to 6.2 billion euros” — though that number refers only to the feed-in tariffs of last year alone. (Hey . . . skyrocketing. No wonder Obama cast his longing gaze Spain’s way!)

The title of one article inside is “To subsidize the renewables costs 250 euros [appx. $335] every year in electricity to each consumer.”

The editorial decries “the unsustainable cost of renewables.”

Keep in mind that Expansión had great difficulties in commenting on the Calzada report a year ago, due to the state of the debate and intense political pressure prior to their study.

Further, the president of Gas Natural has decided to attack the renewables scheme directly, as revealed in a Libertad Digital article titled “Gas Natural criticizes the government for investing in renewables that we do not need.” He is quoted as asking, “Are we so rich as to invest in something that we do not need? Do we have so much extra money?”

There were also reports of fraud by several solar power facilities who were using diesel-powered generators to augment their output so they could collect more subsidy money from the government. (more here) The greedy bastards finally got caught only after they started doing this at night and someone finally noticed.

Don’t look for these stories in the state-run media…


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