Sadly, this is “public discourse” from the left

While the “progressives” of the “tolerant” left attempt to paint those on the right, in general, and particularly the TEA Party and talk radio as hateful, racist, and unpatriotic, it is ironic that much of the vitriol and vile language actually comes from the left. One can easily witness this by reading the comments on blogs and listening to the likes of Keith Olbermann and Ed Shultz. This story (from Matt Kibbe at is yet another sad example of this phenomenon and a lesson that it sometimes doesn’t pay to be an asshole:

FreedomWorks staff and volunteers have suffered through bomb threats, endless hostile abuse from union patch-through calls laced with profanity, death threats, the N-word directed at an African-American employee, and a host of full-frontal creeps.

So when the voice-over guy for Geico Insurance, D.C. Douglas, called and left us another hostile message, and left his phone number, we held him accountable too, posting his message where he calls all of us “mentally retarded,” and potential killers.  Geico canceled his contract. He now says that we, “like Glenn Beck, are flirting heavily with sedition.”  Strange accusation from an actor that talks for a living.”  Americans covet our freedom of speech. We have a sacred right, enshrined in the Constitution, to show up, protest and challenge government policies that are bad for America.  Freedom: it’s an insurance policy we should all buy.

Score one for the good guys!

In a related story (from the NY Times), MSNBC has pulled a TEA Party hating host for making comments about another MSNBC TEA Party hating host. Read the whole thing – it’s deliciously ironic. Update here with the best quote of all:

In any event, MSNBC has now fired the guy they hired to replace the guy they suspended (David Shuster) and all for the sake of a guy who isn’t even the highest-rated host of his own television program.


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