Doctor Zero on immigration

My favorite commentator, Doctor Zero, has this piece on immigration. He rightly and expertly slices up hypocrite John McCain for supporting recently passed tough immigration law in Arizona.

There are many areas in which the American political class does not deal honestly with her citizens.  Immigration is one of the worst.  Deceit and disrespect flow from both parties.  John McCain, who previously regarded serious enforcement of immigration law as morally equivalent to hunting Mexicans  for sport, suddenly supports a bill that would allow Arizona police to arrest people on the “reasonable suspicion” they’re in the country illegally.  While contemplating the southern horizon last week, he realized it would be greatly improved by the addition of a massive wall, tastefully decorated with three thousand National Guard troops.  None of these border security revelations would have occurred to McCain if not for a surprisingly strong challenge from J.D. Hayworth, and they would not long survive his re-election.

He also rationally draws distinctions between legal and illegal immigration, and the effects of both on a country’s culture.

The continuity of a democratic republic depends upon tradition. It’s not a fashionable word these days, but it accurately describes the body of law, and legitimacy of government, each generation passes forward… stretching all the way back to the days when it was forged, with a pledge of lives and sacred honor.  The young are not tasked with reconstructing society from scratch when they come of age.  If you were born an American citizen, you inherited the tradition of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and no other children upon this Earth ever received a richer inheritance.  If you are a legal immigrant, you worked and studied hard to understand that tradition, and embraced it through a noble act of your own free will.

Illegal aliens have no stake in that tradition, having rejected the authority and legitimacy of the United States through the act of penetrating the border.  Upon arrival, they are romanced by powerful racial interests, and encouraged to see themselves as “dual citizens” at best.  In the shadowy precincts where they live and work, they are treated with contempt, or irritation provoked by the language barrier.  It’s understandable that these feelings become mutual.  The illegal immigrant community is a machine designed to manufacture inhabitants, not citizens.

Regulating the number of immigrants to a country is only logical.  Massive immigration inevitably changes a culture – a simple truth denied by the same people who will rant for hours about the effects of white European immigration on the culture of seventeenth-century North America.  A just and responsible government is obliged to give its citizens a voice in deciding how much their culture should change.  This is not a question of race.  American culture would be profoundly changed by the arrival of a few million Swedes, Germans, or even British.  Similarly, no other country could absorb a tidal wave of Americans without damage to its culture… particularly if they did not expect the new arrivals to learn their language.

Read the whole thing…


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