Beware Cap & Tax – the TRI partisan boot-to-the-face

As the Climategate stories continue to discredit the religion of global warming climate change, our government is working hard on economy-killing Cap & Tax legislation. This massive boot-to-the-face is a Tripartisan effort in the senate (Kerry – D, MA/Graham – R, SC/Lieberman – I, CT) with cooperation from our dear comrade leader’s administration. This post (from Chris Horner at explains it.

…the Senate’s committee process simply must be suspended to jam through Obama’s energy/cap-and-tax Power Grab, because it is so expansive that it would invoke the jurisdiction of six Senate committees. These include the tax-writing Finance Committee, because cap-and-trade and the new gas tax (styled by some cheerleaders who think you’re stupid as a “carbon-linked fee”).So, again, Harry Reid is going to write a couple of thousand pages — and try to buy off the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with revenues taken from you — in closed-door, back room deals. The ability to do so is one reason the bill in its House version grew to 1,400 pages, bigger and bigger with each closed-door deal. There are so many ways to design this takeover and the wealth transfers and lost freedoms involved, and to hide and target the hurt.

If that sounds like the health care takeover, it should. It’s the same thing. As the perpetrators admit to Politico. So possibly C-SPAN might ask to be involved. Surely the White House can come up with a better response than last time.

Christopher Horner is one of the leading figures in Climategate and his book, Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America, has just been released.

Read the whole disgusting thing…


2 Responses to “Beware Cap & Tax – the TRI partisan boot-to-the-face”

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