Another NY dem politician thief

Just when you thought that politics couldn’t get any worse in NY, along comes another outstanding NY public servant – state senator Pedro Espada. According to this article (from the NY Post), Mr. Espada has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Embattled Bronx politico Pedro Espada Jr. looted a whopping $14 million over the past five years from a non-profit that he runs — including giving himself a $9 million severance package, paying for family vacations to Puerto Rico and hefty bills at sushi restaurants, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office revealed today.

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Cuomo claims Espada diverted charitable assets connected to the Bronx-based Soundview HealthCare Network and used the money for himself, his family and his political operation.

Cuomo said Soundview, which relies heavily on Medicaid dollars with the aim of providing healthcare to poor Bronx residents, was Espada’s personal and political piggy bank.

“Taxpayer money was given to this not-for-profit to provide healthcare services to underprivileged patients, but our investigation has found the funds flowed into the pockets of Senator Espada and his supporters,” he said.

And this guy is the senate Majority Leader for cripes sake – UGH…

Cuomo’s office also said that Soundview’s board was stacked with Espada cronies, including his uncle, Victor Feliciano; his sister’s boyfriend Victor Sierra; and his niece Jacqueline Collazo.

Espada played a notorious role in last summer’s Senate coup attempt and wound up becoming majority leader after he switched from supporting the Democrats to Republicans and back to Democrats again.

Over the past year, Espada has called Cuomo’s action a “witch hunt driven by his political ambitions.”

A “witch hunt” indeed – sounds more like a scumbag hunt…


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