More Rangel dangle

According to this post (from JWF), tax cheat congressman Charlie Rangel recently paid a fine of $26K to NYC. The only problem is that he refuses to say what the fine was for. This is yet another example of Pelosi’s “most transparent congress” at work.

In the latest mess involving Rep. Charlie Rangel’s (D) finances, the former Ways and Means chairman’s campaign committee paid $26,000 in fines to New York City on Jan. 19.

What could possibly lead to such a massive sum? Rangel’s office isn’t saying.

“These payments were made in full compliance with FEC rules,” said a spokesman for Rangel, who declined to comment further.

Rangel’s campaign finance report merely lists the payment as being for “fines.”

The post goes on to detail some of Charlie’s other shenanigans. The sad part of this is that the stupid people of his Harlem district will probably re-elect him.

Read the whole thing…


2 Responses to “More Rangel dangle”

  1. […] re-election campaign Corruptocrat Charlie Rangel has had his share of problems (more here and here) in the past year but he apparently doesn’t think it has harmed his chances of re-election. […]

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