What government can’t do

According to this article (at Investors Business Daily) the US Postal Service is the poster child for what the government can’t do. That is, run a business.

Federal Failure: Auditors say the Postal Service’s business model isn’t viable, and a magazine reports that GM leads the league in producing the worst-made cars on the road. Big government breeds big incompetence.

The post office, which has a government-protected monopoly on first-class mail delivery, could lose at least $238 billion over the next decade.

This is a government agency — its claims of independence are not believable — that has no competitors, has raked in $27 billion in taxpayer’s money since 1970, is exempt from most taxes and can borrow from the U.S. Treasury at rates below market value.

Yet, it cannot break even, much less make a profit. There’s something deeply amiss with how the USPS does business.

Read the whole thing…


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