Another “Do as I say” politician

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo) joins a long list of politicians who believe they are immune from the laws they pass. That he is a political douchebag is pretty much unquestionable. (more here) That he is this big of a political douchebag is, well, pretty much unquestionable. (more here)

As Americans prepare to file and pay their taxes, it’s come to light that Rep. Russ Carnahan may be skimping on his. The Congressman avoids paying personal property taxes on his 42-foot yacht by docking it in Alton, Illinois instead of his hometown.“Illinois does not have a statewide property tax. Property is taxed on the local level only, and includes only real property such as land, buildings or permanent facilities.” (St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association; Taxes and Incentives)

And there’s more – the yacht is unregistered.

Carnahan’s boat, “Attractive Nuisance,” is also without current registration. As of Monday April 12, 2010 the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Information Exchange shows the boat’s registration expired September 30, 2008. One would think he’d learned his lesson back in 2004. “Missouri Water Patrol cited him on June 20 (2004) for driving an unregistered boat. Carnahan received the citation while operating his 42-foot cruiser on the Mississippi River…Carnahan said Friday that he had paid the fine this week. Carnahan said the boat is a 1960s-era vessel that he bought a year ago and is renovating. He has yet to register it with the state Department of Revenue, he said, because the Coast Guard is still processing title documents. After the Post-Dispatch inquired, Carnahan said he found out Friday that he could get temporary state registration.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch August 14, 2004)

Do we really need people like this in government?


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