Britain’s entitlement culture – coming soon to the US?

Welfare is generally thought of as a safety net but, as this story (from the Daily Mail) illustrates, it’s a way of life (or a “career” option) in Britain. If ever there was a story that epitomizes what is wrong with Britain’s welfare system, this is it. Unfortunately for the working Brits, there are legions of parasites like these people.

The Davey family’s £815-a-week ($1257 USD) state handouts pay for a four-bedroom home, top-of-the-range mod cons and two vehicles including a Mercedes people carrier.

Father-of-seven Peter gave up work because he could make more living on benefits.

Yet he and his wife Claire are still not happy with their lot.

With an eighth child on the way, they are demanding a bigger house, courtesy of the taxpayer.

‘It’s really hard,’ said Mrs Davey, 29, who is seven months pregnant. ‘We can’t afford holidays and I don’t want my kids living on a council estate and struggling like I have.

‘The price of living is going up but benefits are going down. My carer’s allowance is only going up by 80p this year and petrol is so expensive now, I’m worried how we’ll cope.

She’s worried how they’ll cope – poor dear. But the story only gets better – especially when you consider the absolutely galling chutzpah of these parasites.

At their semi on the Isle of Anglesey, the family have a 42in flatscreen television in the living room with Sky TV at £50 a month, a Wii games console, three Nintendo DS machines and a computer – not to mention four mobile phones.

With their income of more than £42,000 a year ($64,780 USD), they run an 11-seater minibus and the seven-seat automatic Mercedes.

But according to the Daveys they have nothing to be thankful for.

‘It doesn’t bother me that taxpayers are paying for me to have a large family,’ added Mrs Davey.

‘We couldn’t afford to care for our children without benefits, but as long as they have everything they need, I don’t think I’m selfish.

‘Most of the parents at our kids’ school are on benefits.’

She added: ‘I don’t feel bad about being subsidised by people who are working. I’m just working with the system that’s there.

‘If the government wants to give me money, I’m happy to take it. We get what we’re entitled to. I don’t put in anything because I don’t pay taxes, but if I could work I would.’

The gross level of personal irresponsibility and uncaring attitude towards the taxpayer of these parasites is absolutely stunning. This woman should be forcibly sterilized, horsewhipped, then made to shovel shit somewhere – same goes for her layabout husband.

In a related piece, Richard Fernandez at Pajamas Media describes how the British government is so broke they may never recover.


5 Responses to “Britain’s entitlement culture – coming soon to the US?”

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