More of the future with obamacare

One of the biggest promises of obamacare is that you’ll be able to buy health coverage for “pre-existing conditions.” In other words, you can simply purchase cancer coverage after you’re diagnosed with cancer. A good analogy would be to buy vehicle insurance after you’ve totaled your car. As this article from the Boston Globe explains, that part of Romneycare is not working out so well for Massachesetts. It appears that thousands are gaming the system and costing taxpayers even more. Jeez, who would have thought that would happen?

Thousands of consumers are gaming Massachusetts’ 2006 health insurance law by buying insurance when they need to cover pricey medical care, such as fertility treatments and knee surgery, and then swiftly dropping coverage, a practice that insurance executives say is driving up costs for other people and small businesses.

In 2009 alone, 936 people signed up for coverage with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts for three months or less and ran up claims of more than $1,000 per month while in the plan. Their medical spending while insured was more than four times the average for consumers who buy coverage on their own and retain it in a normal fashion, according to data the state’s largest private insurer provided the Globe.

The typical monthly premium for these short-term members was $400, but their average claims exceeded $2,200 per month. The previous year, the company’s data show it had even more high-spending, short-term members. Over those two years, the figures suggest the price tag ran into the millions.

Other insurers could not produce such detailed information for short-term customers but said they have witnessed a similar pattern. And, they said, the phenomenon is likely to be repeated on a grander scale when the new national health care law begins requiring most people to have insurance in 2014, unless federal regulators craft regulations to avoid the pitfall.

Sounds like the geniuses in government didn’t really think this one out. Are you surprised?


2 Responses to “More of the future with obamacare”

  1. In case you haven’t noticed, the numbers were quoted directly from an article from the Boston Globe – for which I supplied a link. That’s essentially what I do here – link to news and opinion from around the Web and add my own snarky, sarcastic comments. If you have a problem with the numbers, I suggest you follow the link and question the Globe about them.

    While the number of people who are gaming the system is likely small relative to the total of insured in MA, the article stated that over the last 2 years, this has cost the taxpayers millions. Isn’t that enough? Or should we not notice this unless it costs Billions?

    Lastly, I am tired of bad, wasteful, corrupt and abusive government at all levels. I have held this opinion for all of my adult life (since about 1976 or so). It is one of the main reasons I left NY in 1994. This is not something that just happened with the last election. I started this blog in January, 2010 because I wanted to voice my opinion to (hopefully) a wider audience than my friends and family. The best part is that it’s free.

    Thanks for your comment.

  2. whatupboy Says:

    WHere are the statistics? Are these facts are just some made up junk? 936 our of how nmany total? What % of the whole is the 936? Others couldn’t supply statistical facts, yet claim to see a patern. A mirage looks like water on the road but when you get there there is no truth to the matter.

    Just the facts mam with evidence please.

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