Romney torpedoes presidential bid


Romney - "My chances of being nominated are exactly zero."

Unable to bite the bullet and admit FAIL, 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has all but sunk his hopes of being the republican nominee. RomneyCare (the blueprint of sorts for obamacare) has been and continues to be a spectacular FAIL (more here and here) for the state of Massachusetts (see Scott Brown victory). Yet Romney defended this massive wasteful boondoggle in response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University. (story here from the Boston Globe)

Mitt Romney offered an enthusiastic defense last night of the comprehensive health care law he helped create four years ago in Massachusetts, even as he pointed to crucial distinctions between it and a similar national program enacted last week by Democrats.

“Overall, ours is a model that works,’’ Romney said in response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University. “We solved our problem at the state level. Like it or not, it was a state solution. Why is it that President Obama is stepping in and saying ‘one size fits all’ ’’?

Obama’s signing of a federal health care law has put Romney — a possible 2012 presidential candidate — again on the defensive over the most significant achievement in his brief career in public office. The former governor, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate again for president in 2012, had labeled Obama’s bill “unhealthy for America’’ and has called for its repeal, even as conservative critics say it was modeled on Romney’s policy.

Obamacare will be toxic to democrat candidates in the next election cycle and will no doubt be a rallying point for republicans in the 2012 Presidential election. Most people will not easily forget this massive boot to the face in 2012 and Romney will be particularly tarred with the continuing disaster in Massachusetts.

Romney is a sharp, likable guy who may have had a chance in 2012 by admitting he was wrong and distancing himself from RomneyCare. He chose, instead, to voluntarily walk the plank on this. He’s toast…


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