The Supreme Court and FDR’s power grab

I often refer to The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity Schlaes. While some may find this book a bit dry, it re-examines a part of history that has been glorified by the left to the point where most of what you you think you know is myth. The real story presents FDR and the New Deal in a decidedly negative light. The most amazing thing, however, is how closely our current situation parallels with the story as told by Ms. Schlaes.

This article (from the American Thinker blog) is a pretty good evaluation of the role of recent Supreme Courts in dealing with executive level power grabs. There are two important points that should be noted:

  1. The Supreme Court thwarted several of FDR’s attempts to transform the government. At one point FDR was so frustrated that he threatened to “pack” the court with additional justices.
  2. The left was so enamored with Mussolini and the Fascists (and to a lesser extent Stalin and the Communists) that they tried to reshape government policy in the Fascist mold. This totally belies the accusations of the left that the right is somehow Fascist.

It remains to be seen whether the current Supreme Court will butt heads with this administration. Our dear comrade leader’s playbook has New Deal written all over it.


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