Government school indoctrination – obamacare

Now that economy-crushing obamacare has passed, it’s time for our dear comrade leader and his minions to sell the public on how much we will love this giant turd. Yes, even though it looks, smells and tastes like shit, you’re just gonna love it! And what better place to start this sell job than in government schools? (story here)

The Obama Administration wants to make sure that tomorrow’s leaders are fully indoctrinated into the leftist philosophy of living. Part of that indoctrination now includes lesson plans offered to teachers by the Public Broadcasting Service on how to fully persuade students of their “fundamental right to health care.”

A “fundamental right to healthcare?” I looked through the Constitution, which is supposed to be the law of the land, and I cannot find this right nor a government obligation to provide it.

And so it begins…


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