Arizona shows the way on illegal invaders

Every once in a while there’s a bright spot in the daily avalanche of bad news. Now that former governor Janet “Incompitano” has moved on to mismanage the Department of Homeland (In)Security (more here and here), the state of Arizona may finally pass some common sense immigration legislation. (more here from ABC)

A bill empowering police to arrest illegal immigrants and charge them with trespassing for simply being in the state of Arizona, is likely just weeks away from becoming the toughest law of its kind anywhere in the country.

Already passed by the state’s Senate and currently being reconciled with a similar version in the House, the bill would essentially criminalize the presence of the 460,000 illegal immigrants living in the state.

The measure allows police to detain people on the suspicion that they are illegal immigrants, outlaws citizens from employing day laborers, and makes it illegal for anyone to transport an illegal immigrant, even a family member, anywhere in the state.

The bill’s supporters say a local crackdown has become a necessity because the federal government has failed to adequately seal the borders or actively enforce its laws. They blame Arizona’s spiraling crime and unemployment rates on its large population of illegal immigrants.

First off, the fact that these people came here and remain here illegally makes their presence illegal. The federal government has not only “failed to adequately seal the borders or actively enforce its laws,” they have failed totally to do this job – one of the fundamental responsibilities mandated by the Constitution.

“When you come to America you must have a permission slip, period,” said state Sen. Russell Pearce, the Mesa Republican who sponsored the bill. “You can’t break into my country, just like you can’t break into my house.”

“It will be, there’s no doubt, the toughest immigration enforcement bill in the nation,” said Pearce, a former deputy in the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office, where he worked for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, nicknamed “America’s toughest sheriff.” Arpaio, who has stirred controversy over his roundups of illegal immigrants, is being investigated by the federal government for alleged racial profiling.

All I can say is Good Job, Arizona – it’s about time. Stick to your guns and let the whining, crying and bedwetting begin.


2 Responses to “Arizona shows the way on illegal invaders”

  1. […] Arizona shows the way on illegal invaders […]

  2. I like it. it’s asimple as the law should be. If you are illegal then you need to be removed.

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