A new low in NY politics

New York is one of those states where the capital (Albany) is not located in the most populous city.  I lived in or near the Albany area for most of my life and I must admit, it is a very nice place. I left NY in 1994 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that NY is a political cesspool. Living in the state capital, it is next to impossible to avoid the stench of NY politics. Notwithstanding an occasional (liberal RINO) republican governor, NY has been in the grip of corrupt democrats since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. That they are corrupt is unquestionable. That they are this corrupt represents a new low point. (story here from the NY Post)

The Capitol’s scandalous “pay to play” culture descended to a new low as Democratic lawmakers told top labor leaders that they would have to pony up $50,000 each in donations if they want special access, The Post has learned.

In a shocking letter to union bosses who are battling state budget cuts, state Sen. Jeff Klein of The Bronx offered to sell them “chairmanships” on a newly created “Labor Advisory Council.”

“Advisory Council chairs will have the unique opportunity to advise the Senate Dems on the structure and focus of the Labor Advisory Council,” says the letter from Klein, chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

“In addition to all meetings, conferences and events that are included with Advisory Council membership, the advisory chairs will be invited to an exclusive meeting with the Senate majority leaders,” the letter states.

It also promises that Advisory Council members “will actively participate in the essential policy conversations that help construct our 2010 campaign strategy.”

Usually this type of sleaze happens under the table even in NY. The fact that it is so brazen signals a new low for state democrats. Unfortunately they will probably get away with it.

And now a shoutout to my friends in NY: Are you folks ready for another governor Cuomo?

Read the whole pustulate thing…


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