Two Americas with obamacare

On the campaign trail serial douchebag John Edwards often whined about “Two Americas” – the rich and the poor. Of course, the story he didn’t tell is that he had literally spent his entire career helping to create Two Americas, and insuring that he came out on the rich side. Fortunately his tired old class warfare rhetoric wasn’t powerful enough to save him from his own personal douchebaggery. But that’s another story that remains to be told – and it will be told.

This article says that obamacare will actually create the “Two Americas” that Edwards railed against.

The dirty little secret of this plan—which wouldn’t be a secret if opponents of this legislative package weren’t distracted by a dozen other wrongheaded policies in it—is that it will bring a major and irreversible upheaval to America’s labor markets. In a time of economic tension, this plan will displace millions of workers and push more people into becoming contract employees, resulting in increased instability for working families.

One of the many original stated goals of the White House’s health care reforms was the promise that you can keep your health plan if you like it. However, the White House wanted to give businesses much-needed relief from burdensome health costs. Like the desire to create a new entitlement while reducing the budget deficit, these aims are nearly impossible to reconcile, so Obama chose a path that accomplishes neither.

Forcing people to buy insurance they don’t want, forcing companies to drop healthcare benefits in favor of a government plan, and raising rates for all. Looks like our dear comrade leader scores a triple bogey here. And it will cost the taxpayers only a trillion dollars? Such a deal!

Thus a new picture of Obamacare emerges: it will force people to pay for what they don’t want and purchase what they don’t need, in a massive expansion of the size and power of government. The entire proposal functions not as a method of improving care or lowering premiums but as a massive regressive tax falling disproportionately on the young and those on the lower end of the income scale. And once in place, it will trap its supposed beneficiaries in ways that cannot be undone.

Combine this regressive tax with a massive increase in spending via a government entitlement which will only grow, and you have a recipe for long-term economic stagnation and the permanent enshrinement of two Americas into our national social policy.

And all for the sake of less than 10% of the country that doesn’t have health insurance – even though they have access to healthcare.


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