“Birth tourism?” HUH??

Most of you know that with our current Immigration laws, a baby born inside our borders is automatically a US citizen. This is called the “anchor baby” law and it allows thousands of otherwise unqualified immigrants a foot in the door. A new industry has evolved because of this – “birth tourism.” (story here from NRO)

First there was Korean birth tourism, where pregnant Korean women would come to the United States as tourists in order to ensure their babies were U.S. citizens. Then Tucson hospitals started offering “birth packages” to expectant Mexican mothers. And now, this:

With more Turkish parents wanting their child to be born in the US, tourism companies are starting to offer ‘birth tourism’ packages to US cities. Many women say giving birth in the US has benefits including cheaper education and fewer visa worries. Some Americans, however, want to restrict the practice, citing fears of illegal migration.

With congress currently working on immigration “reform,” don’t look for this to be ended any time soon.


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