U.S. Senator Encourages Illegals to Fill Out Census

NY senator Kirsten Gillibrand is encouraging non-citizen illegal aliens to fill out the census form intended to count American citizens. (story here from JWF) While others have done so, particularly in California, this represents a new low for NY politics. Having given us the likes of Chuckie Schumer, Hillary (the carpetbagger) Clinton, and tax cheat Charlie Rangel, I suppose you can’t blame the voters of NY for Gillibrand. She was appointed, not elected, to replace Clinton.

Twice the story mentions government cash, as if it’s the government that earns the money. The government produces nothing. It only takes from those who earn that cash. It’s taxpayer cash, and I do not want it going to illegal aliens.

Is it any wonder that the majority of people believe that congress doesn’t represent them? There is a cure for this – it’s called vote the bastards out!


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