How not to treat our allies

Remember the rock star treatment our dear comrade got in Berlin? (more here) Over 200,000 people turned out to hail candidate dear leader as the savior of European relations. Newspapers were agog with the end of “cowboy” Bush and a “new dawn” of American world relations. Hopey changey spirit was everywhere.

So how’s that hopey changey thing working out for you now, Europe? According to this from the UK Times, not so well – especially for Britain. In fact much of Europe is feeling slighted by the messiah they thought they were getting. The Brits are especially unhappy.

Unlike George W Bush and Bill Clinton, Obama has made little effort to strike up friendships with European leaders. At the G20 summit in Pittsburgh last year he was pictured walking out with the leaders of China and India, his administration’s evident priorities, along with Russia, at the expense of America’s traditional allies.

“The paradox is Europeans think Obama is one of them, that he ran [for office] on repairing American relations with them — damaged by Bush and the war in Iraq — and now feel he doesn’t care about them,” said Robert Kagan, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who was foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain, Obama’s election opponent.

“He’s just not emotionally attached to Europe,” agreed Kim Holmes, of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “It’s not hostility. It’s just indifference.”

When the Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl asked White House officials to name a foreign leader with whom Obama had forged a personal relationship, there was “a lot of hemming and hawing”, he said. To his astonishment, no one mentioned Gordon Brown. Instead the name proffered was Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president.

As a nation, you try to build alliances along common bonds and common interests. Some allies are better than others but your true friends are the ones who’ve “got your back” when the bullets start flying. In the last decade how many troops have China or Russia or India sent to help with the War on Terror, er, I mean “Overseas Contingency Operation?” (LOL – couldn’t help that…) Most of our European allies have sent at least a token force with Britain sending the most. Our traditional allies have very good reason to be upset with this paradigm shift in US foreign relations. While they’re still trying to understand our dear comrade leader, the sentiment in England is rapidly turning sour.

The British feel particularly miffed. Within days of becoming president, Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. This, followed by Obama’s odd choice of gift to Brown — a box of DVDs including Psycho and Toy Story — prompted speculation of something deeper. In his memoir, Obama writes of how his grandfather was beaten by British troops in colonial Kenya.

A senior official from No 10, who was in Washington in December for Obama’s big speech on Afghanistan, was horrified that the president did not once mention Britain in the 45-minute address despite the presence there of 10,000 British troops.

Perhaps this is the “hope and change” we were promised. Perhaps our friends should have done some due diligence of their own before jumping on the hopey changey express. (Not that it would have done them much good.) It really wasn’t difficult to see who this man is once you pull back the curtain of hype and star power. He’s an empty suit with a paper thin resume whose playbook consists largely of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Mao’s Little Red Book. This was painfully apparent to those who held their noses and voted for that bastard McCain.

There you go Europe. You have an “indifferent” ally in the US – a “not Bush.” Personally I think our dear comrade leader is “indifferent” because he sees Europe as an “old dead white man” society like the rest of the left does. He also knows that within his lifetime much of Europe will become an Islamic regime and that works for him.


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