Cost cutting with obamacare?

One of the biggest reasons to pass obamacare, according to our dear leader and his minions, is that it will actually save money in the long run. I find this totally incredible. Has there ever been a government program that adds multiple layers of new bureaucracy, that actually saved money? Somehow this is what they expect us to believe. (story here from the Wall Street Journal)

Above all other reasons, voters who oppose ObamaCare cite their fear over costs: They think it will cause their insurance premiums to soar and result in far higher taxes to fund a vast new entitlement. The public is right on both counts, which is why White House smokejumpers have been dispatched to put out this fire as the final votes approach.

This article is a point by point rebuttal of the administrations claims of money saving fantasy. One needs only to examine how well RomneyCare is working in Massachusetts to know that these claims are not only fallacious but totally unbelievable.


One Response to “Cost cutting with obamacare?”

  1. […] (the blueprint of sorts for obamacare) has been and continues to be a spectacular FAIL (more here and here) for the state of Massachusetts (see Scott Brown victory). Yet Romney defended this massive […]

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