TSA security guard who left post “disciplined”

Remember when a guy slipped past TSA security (actually the guard left his post) to give his girlfriend one last kiss? It caused a massive panic at Newark airport and delayed hundreds of flights. (story here) Well the TSA has just announced that the guard who actually caused this has been given a 3 month paid vacation “disciplined.” (more here)

The federal agency, which has not named the guard, would not release details of the disciplinary action, saying it is a protected personnel matter, but confirmed the guard will be back on the job.

He was placed on paid administrative leave on January 5 – two days after Rutgers student Haisong Jiang ducked under a rope and walked into a passengers-only area to see his girlfriend. Jiang on Tuesday pleaded guilty to defiant trespass, a disorderly conduct offense, at Newark Municipal Court.

Jiang, 28, of Piscataway, was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, a $500 fine and $158 in court fees.

Any guesses as to what this derelict TSA employee’s “discipline” was? After all, he’s already been given a 3 month paid vacation suspension. He didn’t lose his job like so many others in the private sector would have. Hell, the way that government works, he’ll probably be reassigned to security aisle 3 to pat down little old ladies in walkers. Ultimately you can bet that old love sick Jiang paid a far bigger price.



TSA hard at work


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