The folly of Cap & Tax

The global warming house of cards is collapsing. Green jobs is proving to be a boondoggle. Our economy is trying to recover from government-induced disaster despite the efforts of congress and our dear leader to kill it completely. While the oxygen is being sucked out of the room with all the talk of obamacare, a “tripartisan” cabal of senators (Kerry, Leiberman & Graham) are still trying to put yet another boot to our face with Cap & Trade legislation that should more appropriately called Cap & Tax. (more here)

Despite a recent carbon trading scandal in the Netherlands (more here), these 3 stooges are pushing ahead with an economy killing bill that will mimic the fraud-ridden system in Europe. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Algore, smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat from his hole, stands to score big time.

Early last April, the House of Representatives took up a cap-and-trade scheme, the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act. It was 600 pages long. Two months later, Nancy Pelosi had whipped up enough votes to pass the bill, which by that point was 1,500 pages long. The legislation had been fattened as Henry Waxman (D., Beverly Hills), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and a co-author of the bill, bought off members of the Democratic caucus with the trillion-dollar proceeds of the cap-and-trade tax. Even with all those giveaways, it was a close-run thing, and we were treated to the unseemly spectacle of wavering lawmakers literally lining up on the floor of the House on the day of the vote to demand that Waxman concede more and more special favors. Waxman agreed to practically every one of those demands.

Read the whole bloody thing…


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