New racist codeword – “hoodlums”

The list of racist codewords keeps growing by leaps and bounds. The most recent addition is the word “hoodlum,” according to some members of the Pinellas School Board. (more here)

Pinellas School Board chairwoman Janet Clark is coming under fire for using the term “hoodlums” to describe a small group of chronically disruptive students in county schools.

By far the most ridiculous quote was this:

“They might be disruptive. They might be in gangs. They might be many things, but they are not hoodlums,” Brown said. “I feel that that statement showed insensitivity to our children, and it certainly did not offer good guidance to our staff.”

ROFLMFAO! OK, they’re not hoodlums – how about thugs? Or scumbags? The attempts at intimidation from the PC-addled on the left have in fact caused the term “racist” to lose all power and meaning. I’m no longer concerned at being called a racist. I’m also not afraid to call a spade a spade. OOOPs!


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