How congress spends (wastes) your money

Using a recently passed bill to re-authorize federal funding for Boys & Girls Clubs, poster “hogan” over at illustrates how congress wastes your money. Apparently “hogan” was formerly employed on capitol hill and has working knowledge of how this happens. (more here)

For those of us who have worked in Washington, and in particular on Capitol Hill, it is hard to explain the specific ways in which the Federal Government grows so fast and how taxpayers’ money gets wasted so excessively. Sure, everyone “gets it” to some degree, but unless you’ve lived it, you don’t know how it actually happens.

Well, back on January 28 of this year, in the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, there was a case study in how it all works and how Senators show not only an inability, but a total lack of desire, to be accountable with your money.

In short, Senator Tom Coburn dared to question the powers-that-be about the quick passage of S.2924, the re-authorization of $85 Million per year for the Boys and Girls Club, a bill that would spend $425 million in taxpayer money over the next 5 years. He raised the legitimate question of the $2.2 million the organization has paid for lobbyists over the last 5 years, the over $653 million given to the organization by the Federal Government over the last 10 years even as the organization raised over $650 million from private sources last year alone, the $1 million salary for the CEO and a number of other concerns.

At some point certain taxpayers will get a newsletter from their representative extolling the congressman’s “generosity” in sponsoring this bill to fund such a worthy cause – with your money, not his own. Such a great guy! He can even use this to point out what a nasty old conservative miser Tom Coburn was for even questioning this legislation. After all, never waste a good opportunity, right? Of course, what is never mentioned is that the congressman was generous with your money whether or not you support the Boys & Girls clubs in the first place.

This is how the country crumbles – one “good deed” at a time, countless ladder-climbing staffers at a time and countless gutless Senators at a time.

This must change. And it must change now.


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