Reduced traffic fines for the “poor?” In Texas?

This story should leave you scratching your head. Apparently not satisfied with feeding, clothing, housing, educating, and providing healthcare to the “poor,” the Texas legislature has now decided to reduce their traffic fines too.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is now taking public comment on a proposal that would reduce the fines for people living near or below the federal poverty line if they’re convicted of a Class C misdemeanor.

That type of offense includes driving without insurance, driving without a valid license and driving while intoxicated.

The proposed changes to the law, which is officially known as the Driver Responsibility Program, would lower fines for people making under $24,000, or families that on average have a combined income of less than $50,000.

WTF?? You mean to tell me that these people can’t pay effin’ traffic fines? C’Mon, man!

Some El Paso residents said they were glad to hear that changes could come to help them better cope with traffic infractions.

“We all make mistakes and if you get caught driving without insurance you should pay a fine, but it shouldn’t take your life savings,” said Lower Valley resident Jesús Alvarez, who said he struggles to make ends meet. “Besides, if you take away our licenses we can’t get to work. How are we supposed to make a living?”

“We all make mistakes…” Is willfully driving without a license or insurance a mistake? Really? The whole reason for traffic fines in the first place is to discourage people from making such mistakes. Sorry pal, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime – or take a friggin’ bus.

10 Responses to “Reduced traffic fines for the “poor?” In Texas?”

  1. Warren Demers Says:

    P.S. Instead of BASHING people and BELITTLING AMERICAN CITIZENS who are DISADVANTAGED due to our WRECKLESS and GREEDY governments’ ASSAULTS to our ECONOMY why not BASH THE GOVERNMENT for setting us up for failure. Kicking a man when he is down is the ultimate act of a coward and he who spits is as the coward. Peace.

  2. LADENXLOU Says:

    P.S. Ignorance is a choice !!!! Sad to see you chose this for yourself.

  3. LADENXLOU Says:

    “WTF?? You mean to tell me that these people can’t pay effin’ traffic fines? C’Mon, man!”

    I bet you voted for Bush pig, It cheerleaders like you that make it impossible to live in this what is becoming a fascist state. You have obviously chosen ignorance over sense. The issue is NOT withholding consequences for breaking petty law…it is the UNREASONABLE amount that is being expected to pay and the spiraling catch 22 predicament it puts the rather less fortunate in……no one is asking amnesty from the law innoranus…..In a fallen economy it is a fact as stated by the state itself it is desperately extorting the people of class C offenses to increase revenue… is pure politics jack ass! Unjustifiable bully tactics bureaucracy,…….so hi-ho silver spoon! You obviously never had to wipe your own ass … your eyes…… are proving yourself rite! Amerika is indeed a society of jackass’s…Stay blind to the facts and what the real issue is here sheep…….I refuse to be brainwashed and converted to a unintelligent puppet mimicry mind such and yourself Dumb-ass……Nobody is asking for your money……just feasible, reasonable , F A I R Fines………There is no reason at all A traffic ticket should bare more consequence than a dope charge.

    • Hmmm. Thanks for the comment, I guess.

      I find it fascinating that you folks on the left get apoplectic and start hurling invective over things with which you don’t agree. It’s quite humorous, actually. There’s no discussion, no opposing viewpoint – just immature and asinine name calling. How liberal and “progressive” of you. Oh yeah, I did vote for Bush but only as the lesser of two evils – I hated that bastard. And, in case you haven’t noticed, he hasn’t been president for 18 months. Your guy won so why are you so pissed off?

      Just to clarify a few of your misconceptions about me:

      • I’m just a middle class white guy who was born to hard working middle class parents.
      • I started working at age 13 – helping to save my father, who’s partner embezzled all of the assets of their business, from bankruptcy.
      • I worked afternoons and weekends throughout high school and college – payed my own college expenses.
      • In my early 20’s I had a wife and 2 kids, a low paying job and no car – we were on Food Stamps for about 6 months.
      • During this time the 18 year old next door had 2 kids and was on welfare. Her live-in boyfriend (the baby daddy) worked and they had 2 cars – and a huge stereo that they blasted long into the night.
      • At that point in my life I made myself a promise NEVER to allow myself to get in that situation ever again. So far I have been able to keep that promise.
      • I have always wiped my own ass – except, of course, when I was an infant and my mommy did it for me. LOL.

      My point is that no one has ever given me anything – I have earned it through hard work and wise choices. I am not unique. There are many, many people who have done the same. You see, I believe that being poor is a lifestyle choice. If you don’t believe that, why don’t you ask the Moroccan guy down the street from me who owns the BP station? He came here 5 years ago with nothing and not speaking English very well. Now he owns 3 BP stations. Was he “fortunate?” Did he win the lottery or something? No, he learned English while busting his ass and saving money. How about the Korean dude who owns the Chinese restaurant around the corner? Pretty much the same story.

      Now let’s have a look at your typical multi-generation welfare schlub – the “unfortunate,” if you will. Have they put in the effort to get a good education (despite a plethora of opportunity), bust their ass, make smart choices, and contribute something to society? Uh, no. Most of them are too busy looking for their next handout or score. The government has made it too easy for them – it’s not worth the effort. The government will pay their rent, buy their groceries, take care of their kids, and heal them when they’re sick. The government has taken their dignity and made them parasites. You “progressive” people on the left are enablers of this horrendous situation. And you want to keep it that way because people who are dependent on you for their existence are much easier to control. Independent people are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

      You missed the entire point of my post – that is, with all the government already does for “the poor,” you mean we’ve got to reduce their traffic fines too? For people who willfully drive without insurance? When they understand the consequences? OK, maybe we should pay for their car insurance too? Driving is a privilege not a right. Along with that privilege come certain responsibilities – like obeying traffic regulations and buying car insurance. If you can’t afford to do that, then you shouldn’t drive – take a bus.

      Finally, you brought up my favorite topic – so often cited by the left. Fairness. I love to hear it – “It’s not fair…” What the hell is fair? Is it fair that because someone makes $x, they pay less for a traffic fine than someone who makes $x + $1? Is it fair that someone making $x/year pays no federal tax at all while another who makes $x + $100/year pays taxes? Is it fair that someone who volunteers for military service leaves behind a wife and kids when he gets killed in Afghanistan? I could go on and on but I doubt you get the point. Life isn’t fair and there’s NOTHING anyone can do about it. Get over the fair thing. It’s not worth it…

      Lastly, I want to thank you for commenting. It gave me an opportunity to “debate” your pitiful argument. Please come back when you have some intelligent points. I welcome the opportunity for discussion. Notice how I did not call you names or make assumptions about your character.

  4. Warren Demers Says:

    People who think like this are, franky FUCKING DICKS! With money. PISS ON YOU OFFICER!

    • Your class envy slip is showing, Warren. No intelligent discussion – just invective. How “progressive” of you.

      Thanks for the comment…

      • Warren Demers Says:

        You’re right, I was having to deal with the state this morning OVER BEING GOUGED for being BROKE. It’s a shame I CAN’T MAKE MY ENDS MEET having to compete with ILLEGAL ALIENS then find postings like YOURS when I’m really looking for the reason THE STATE CAN’T GET THEIR RECORDS STRAIGHT. Yeah, THANK-YOU. Must be a politician and I DO NOT ENVY BEING A RACKETEER.

      • You sir, are a class act! I hope you find a happy ending to your dilemma.

        Isn’t government wonderful?

      • warren demers Says:

        Man I was pissed, apologies for being so immature. The end of life as we knew it has just passed…

  5. This is beyond ridiculous !!!!! Maybe we should set up a service to drive them wherever they want to go so they done have to pay for insurance, gas, etc . That way they get to save even more money and are protected from breaking the laws the rest of us have to follow . When did we become a nation of idiots !!!

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