Idiot obamacare supporter crosses the line

Let’s say you’re a pregnant woman who supports obamacare. You go to your obstetrician for a routine checkup and notice some posters against obamacare. Do you:

  1. Ignore them and go about your business?
  2. Engage the doctor in a discussion, indicating your disapproval?
  3. Tear up all the posters and throw them in the trash?

Well, if you’re this idiot, you choose option 3.

The doctor is Madelyn Butler, founder of an obstetrics and gynecology practice called The Woman’s Group. She doesn’t like President Barack Obama’s health care proposal and has posters in her office urging people to contact lawmakers and tell them to vote against the legislation.

The patient is Barbara Gabriel, pregnant with her first child and a backer of the president’s plan for health care reform. She saw the posters during a routine checkup at Butler’s office.

Offended, Gabriel pulled them down and tossed them out, she said. Then she sent a letter to Butler on Dec. 29, admonishing the doctor for a “lack of professionalism” and for “introducing political propaganda in a clinical setting.”

Typical leftist response – don’t discuss it, tear it down. What a frigging moron. The doctor didn’t have a sense of humor about the situation and promptly responded by telling the woman to go find another OB/GYN. Good for her!

Gabriel, four months pregnant at the time, said she was surprised she had been fired as a patient. Other than the posters, she was happy with the care she was given.

For her part, Butler said, she would have welcomed a healthy discourse on the topic. She said she would have told Gabriel that government should not come between the doctor-patient relationship.

The doctor said she didn’t mind Gabriel voicing her opinions and that the decision to dismiss her as a patient didn’t come lightly.

The good doctor did the right thing. She was willing to discuss this but Ms. obamabot took the low road so typical of the left and destroyed the doctor’s property. She’s lucky the doctor is a class act and didn’t have her arrested for vandalism.


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