Barcelona suffers heaviest snowfall in 25 years


Global warming strikes again

Looks like global warming is devastating Spain as Barcelona suffered its heaviest snowfall in 25 years. (more here) Algore unavailable for comment…

Snowfalls of up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) were forecast for the worst affected areas of the region of Catalonia, prompting the regional government to cancel classes for more than 142,000 students at 476 public schools.

Power was lost in homes throughout the region, with energy company Fecsa-Endesa reporting 200,000 clients without electricity, mostly in the province of Girona.

Just for grins, I took a quick trip over to Wikipedia for the lowdown on climate statistics for Barcelona.

Snow falls are not commom but frost is common on some nights on the outskirts very rarely in the center . Snowfalls seldom cause any disruption to traffic. Nonetheless, the city has experienced its share of heavy snowfalls, as for example at Christmas 1962, when a true blizzard affected the city, with 50 cm of snow falling in the city and at least 1 metre on the hills. But, according to old news sources, the greatest snowfall took place in 1887, with over 50 cm. The third heaviest snowfall was in December 1933, with 30 cm on Montjuïc hill. The most recent ones were on 6 January 2009, 27 January 2006, 28 February 2005, 29 February 2004, 18 February 2003 and 14 December 2001 and the rare snowfall of 21 November 1999 [](the only time in which has snowed so soon in at least 3 centuries).



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