Happy Women’s Day!

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day. I love women but I must confess that I never knew about this until I met my (Russian) wife. So I dedicate this post to my wife, my partner, my best friend – Marina.

I will not be the first to (proudly) admit this, but men are pigs. And the only thing that prevents (most of) them from being absolute swine is women. The old adage, “Behind every good man is a woman,” is undoubtedly true – be it mother, wife, or girlfriend. A woman has the power to influence and temper every tendency for a man to become a testosterone driven, macho asshole. All good women know how to do this without their man even realizing it – a thing of beauty and grace.

At the risk of feminist ire, I will state that men and women are decidedly different in a number of ways – outside of the obvious. Risking feminist fire and brimstone, I’ll further aver that men and women have distinctive roles in relationships. (Please don’t beat me up on generalizations here – I know that this doesn’t apply to all.) Men and women think differently and react differently to given situations. This is a good thing. What irks me (and I have had plenty of experience with this) is when a woman tries to be a man. It is unnatural and it undermines the very attributes that make a woman so special.

What makes Marina so special to me is that she understands all of this. Like many (if not most) Eastern European women, she appreciates her role as a woman. Not only that but she loves being a woman and this is evident in virtually everything she does. For example, it is exceedingly rare for her to go out in public without looking her best – even when she’s just visiting one of her girlfriends. How many women do you see in the supermarket wearing a dress? That’s just one small example…

Women are indeed special. Without their calming influence we men would most likely devolve into swine. That’s what we all should be celebrating on Women’s Day.


2 Responses to “Happy Women’s Day!”

  1. You’ve inspired me to wear a skirt tomorrow.
    thank you

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