Doc Zero on the Bunning story

Doctor Zero has a very good read on the Bunning story and what it means for all of us.

The Bunning saga illustrates one of the greatest obstacles in the path of downsizing the government. Whenever spending cuts are made, statists always insist the very first dollar of reduced spending is being taken from noble programs to benefit the needy, or politically popular initiatives like unemployment benefits. The federal budget has swelled to over three and a half trillion dollars… but when someone objects to another ten billion in deficit spending, the statists tearfully insist the unemployed will be left penniless. Every dollar of that massive budget is sacred, and every cut will have to come from the most essential services. Those “non-essential government workers” are never on the chopping block – as soon as government is told it must cut spending, it starts throwing pink slips at cops, firefighters, and teachers. Even when Washington is sitting on half a trillion dollars of unspent cash, it still insists that unemployment benefits will be the first thing to go, if we don’t agree to saddle our children with another ten billion in debt.

Read the whole thing…


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