NJ Gov. lays it on the line

Newly elected Governor of NJ, Chris Christie has his hands full. Already the highest taxed state in the union, the governor can’t look for more revenue increases without driving even more citizens and businesses out of the state. He realizes and is willing to say what few in government will admit – our current fiscal disaster is not a revenue problem, it’s a spending problem. (more here)

In these times of economic distress, massive job losses, shrunken businesses, bloated governments and runaway public spending, we’ve been waiting for some politician (other than Ron Paul) to stand and tell the truth. Politicians excel at “kicking the can down the road” — that is, postponing the inevitable reckoning for unsustainable spending until they are either safely out of office or dead.

But behold! The newly elected governor of New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie, stood in front of 200 of his state’s mayors last week and told them basically that there is no more road down which to kick that proverbial can. In his speech at the New Jersey League of Municipalities, Mr. Christie began by calling the legislature’s $29 billion budget something out of “Alice in Wonderland.” He told the collected hizzoners that the old game of tax and spend was over. He described unhappy meetings in his treasurer’s office, where he was presented with 378 possible freezes and lapses to be used to balance the budget. He accepted 375 of them.

No doubt governor Christie will get massive pushback from the feckless NJ politicians. He has a tough row to hoe but you have to hand it to the guy for having a spine. Let’s hope he has the political will to get the job done and set an example for the other governors to follow.


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