LOL – left organization says the comrade is not trying to buy votes for obamacare

Blogger Ann Althouse takes lefty blog site Think Progress to the woodshed for trying to say that our dear comrade is not trying to buy votes for obamacare.

It’s not a “conspiracy theory”: It’s the observation of facts that create an appearance of impropriety. TP is saying we should forget about it because Obama didn’t openly state that he was making the nomination in exchange for the vote. Of course, there’s no explicit quid pro quo! How do you think successful corrupt individuals perform corrupt acts? If it were a quid pro quo, there’d be no explicit quid pro quo — certainly not one that we’d hear.

Fact: On the eve of meeting with 10 fence sitting democrats to persuade them to vote for obamacare, our dear comrade leader announced that he had just nominated the brother of one of these democrats to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Is this what it looks like? You decide.

You can call a turd fillet mignon all you want but it still looks, smells, and tastes like shit…


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