More UK madness – “pay-as-you-throw” tax

Pity the poor citizens of England. If their oppressive nanny state could find a way to make them ask permission to fart, then tax them on the quantity and quality of the passed gas, they would certainly do that.

According to this story, local governments have been surreptitiously installing electronic monitors in citizen’s dustbins (trash cans) to prepare for a “trash tax.” The electronic devices will monitor the weight of the trash so the government can impose taxes on it.

The growing threat of a stealth tax on the rubbish we throw away was exposed by startling figures yesterday.

More than 2.5million homes now have wheelie bins fitted with microchips to weigh their contents.

This is an increase of nearly two-thirds in just a year. The bins, which can be electronically identified and weighed, are designed for ‘pay-as-you-throw’ rubbish tax schemes.

Under such schemes  –  which are likely to be hugely unpopular  –  families who put out more waste will pay higher taxes to their local council.

Of course the government says this is only a way to “improve service.” Sure it is…

The Local Government Association said that microchips were only put in bins to improve services to the public, for example by helping the elderly.

A spokesman said: ‘Microchips simply identify the house to which a bin belongs, they do not mean councils can analyse what people are throwing away or issue fines.

‘Putting microchips in people’s bins can allow councils to provide people with a better service that costs less.

‘If an elderly resident needs help getting their bin collected and returned, a microchip quickly flags it up to the refuse collector, saving time and money.

Right – and if my aunt had a dick, she’d be my uncle…


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