Minnesota wind power project FAIL

To much fanfare the state of Minnesota installed a dozen wind turbines as part of a $5M “green” energy project. They promptly failed due to harsh winter weather conditions. Well, they’ve finally been put back online but it doesn’t seem like the project is generating much electricity.

The wind power project involves utilities in eleven cities scattered across the state from the metro area to East Grand Forks in a consortium called the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA). Each of the eleven member cities received one turbine, and the twelfth was given to the MMPA owned and operated Faribault Energy Park in Faribault. It was supposed to be a step toward meeting the state renewable energy mandate that requires 25 percent of Minnesota’s power be from renewable energy sources by 2025.

It turns out, however, the twelve wind derricks will produce power for perhaps several hundred homes, hardly making a dent in the MMPA’s 57,000 household and business customers.

“They’re basically for public relations, educational purposes. They’re just not feasible for any significant amount of electrical generation,” said Dan Voss, Municipal Utilities Director for the City of Anoka.

Hmmm. Public relations and educational purposes? $5M down the rathole for THAT? Something tells me the state could have done this PR job for a lot less. How’s that green energy thing working out for you, Minnesota?

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2 Responses to “Minnesota wind power project FAIL”

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