Nanny state lunacy of the day

Actually two of them today – both from the left coast.

County pulls plug on free coffee, doughnuts at Camarillo store

Ever been to one of those small neighborhood stores that offer free coffee to its customers? Nice gesture to enhance customer relations. Unfortunately the government simply doesn’t understand this concept.

Ty Brann likes the neighborly feel of his local hardware store. The fourth-generation Ventura County resident and small business owner has been going to the B & B Do it Center on Mobile Avenue in Camarillo for many years. His company, Kastle Kare, does pest control, landscaping and plant care, and he’s a B & B regular.

So when he learned the county had told B & B it could no longer put out its usual box of doughnuts and coffee pot for the morning customers, Brann was taken aback.

An anonymous customer complaint to the county brought health inspectors to the store, who determined its tradition of more than 15 years of offering coffee and doughnuts to customers violated food-handling regulations.

“We’ve been doing this since we bought the place 15 years ago and the previous owner was doing it, too,” said Randy Collins, 42, co-owner with his parents of B & B. “We simply weren’t aware we were causing a problem.”

Inspectors told Collins that unless he was willing to install stainless-steel sinks with hot and cold water and have a prep kitchen to handle the food, he was violating the law.

Nice. Aren’t you glad the government is there to protect you? These are the same type of anonymous tips that used to send people to the gulag in the USSR. Ugh…

And then there’s this:

ATF seizes 30 toy guns, infuriating local business owner

Airsoft sells toy guns that shoot small plastic BBs – they’re legal until the ATF puts their jackboot on your neck.

A local business owner is flabbergasted after a shipment of 30 toy guns for his store was confiscated by ATF agents in Tacoma.

Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw said the toys can be easily retro-fitted into dangerous weapons.

“With minimal work it could be converted to a machine gun,” Crenshaw said.

Wait a minute – WTF? A plastic toy gun can be converted into a bloody machine gun? Really? Maybe it’s really because of this:

ATF said it also seized the toys because they are missing the blaze orange tips required on all imported toy guns.

The Martins said they’ve received shipments before from Taiwan that were missing the orange tips and were simply asked by customs agents to drive up to Tacoma and paint the tips orange themselves. They are wondering why it is an issue now.



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