Congressional ethics committee is a joke

Remember the Abramoff scandal and queen Nancy’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington? Congress tightened its ethics rules in 2007 but you certainly wouldn’t know it – especially based on the wretched performance of the congressional ethics committee. (more here)

It tends to be sluggish in its work and supine in its conclusions. But even by its own indulgent standards, the committee reached new heights — lows? — of fecklessness last week as it brushed off complaints about lawmakers’ acceptance of corporate-funded travel.Most of the focus, understandably enough, was on the panel’s “admonishment” — its feeblest form of discipline — of Charlie Rangel, the beleaguered and likely soon-to-be-former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

If the swamp was ever actually drained, it was refilled quickly by another load of bilge. This undermines the already tepid credibility of our imperial congress and threatens our republic.


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