More taxpayer money into the weatherization black hole

Not satisfied with the FAIL of the first weatherization program (more here), our dear comrade leader wants to double down to make it a spectacular FAIL. Reuters puts a positive spin on it:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed rebates of up to $3,000 to help homeowners pay for the cost of making their homes more energy efficient as part of a $6 billion program to create jobs.

So how many “green jobs” did the last program create? Uh, not many, but that’s OK we’ll just throw more money (that we don’t have) at it! (story here)

The other part of this program, incentives for buying energy-efficient appliances and making energy-efficient upgrades to home, is as absurd as the money for the weatherizations.  Much as we learned with cash for clunkers, these government incentives don’t inspire new activity.  The influence people who were already going to be buying appliances, or remodeling their homes.  But they don’t inspire new activity.

And if these energy-efficient appliances or home upgrades were as great as they’re supposed to be, would they need government incentives?  Of course not.  This is just a sop to the green industry, who has excellent lobbyists.

WTF are these people thinking?


One Response to “More taxpayer money into the weatherization black hole”

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