Fun times at the VA

While our military veterans struggle with the hopeless bureaucracy of the VA, some of their employees are having a great time. (more here and here) You’ll have to dig real hard to find this out, however.

Department of Veterans Affairs investigators are calling for disciplinary action against several officials following an internal probe into the VA’s special-events office in Washington.

The officials include a director who took taxpayer-funded trips to Las Vegas and San Diego that included a sailing trip and a golf outing, records show.

The same official – Diane Hartmann, director of national programs and special events – also authorized herself to receive hundreds of hours of leave to which she wasn’t entitled, according to a new report by the VA Office of Inspector General.

Where’s the media on this? Apparently it’s a non-story.

The scariest aspect of this story is how little coverage it has received. In official Washington, misconduct of this sort among so-called public servants is considered business as usual. Little thought is given to being responsible stewards of public funds. But if lying, destroying evidence and misappropriating public funds don’t constitute a crime, then the laws need to be rewritten. Plundering government employees should, at the very least, be fired on the spot for putting themselves above their duty.

Full report here.VA-OIG report

“It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.” –Andrew Breitbart


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