A health insurance plan that’s working

Congress and our dear comrade leader should look at the state of Indiana’s  health insurance system before passing obamacare. (more here) It is a consumer-driven, rather than government-driven plan and it’s working. It’s also saving the state employees and taxpayers money.

State employees enrolled in the consumer-driven plan will save more than $8 million in 2010 compared to their coworkers in the old-fashioned preferred provider organization (PPO) alternative. In the second straight year in which we’ve been forced to skip salary increases, workers switching to the HSA are adding thousands of dollars to their take-home pay. (Even if an employee had health issues and incurred the maximum out-of-pocket expenses, he would still be hundreds of dollars ahead.) HSA customers seem highly satisfied; only 3% have opted to switch back to the PPO.

The state is saving, too. In a time of severe budgetary stress, Indiana will save at least $20 million in 2010 because of our high HSA enrollment. Mercer calculates the state’s total costs are being reduced by 11% solely due to the HSA option.

Yes, it can be done without a government takeover of the system.

Another reform idea here – the case for High Deductable health insurance. It makes far more sense for consumers to control their health care, rather than government bureaucrats…

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