Clueless TV “talent” of the day – CNN’s Rick Sanchez

I have worked at a TV station and have been in a whole bunch of them across the country. I hate to use a broad brush on most things but my experience has been that most of the news folks in the TV business are, well, not there for for their in-depth knowledge. (I’m really trying to be kind, but most of them are clueless.) The on camera news people are generally there for their looks and presentation skills – not for their intelligence. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all of them as I have met some very sharp news people, especially in larger markets.

Rick Sanchez is a typical example of clueless. CNN was of course all over the earthquake in Chile story. In typical fashion, they trot out all kinds of “experts” to help us understand what’s going on. The expert said that Hawaii would experience a 9 meter drop in sea level just prior to an anticipated tsunami.  Sanchez needed help in understanding this:

SANCHEZ: “Nine meters. By the way, nine meters in English is?”

Nine meters in English? Is there a 5th grader out there who doesn’t know what 9 meters is? Good thing you’re not on that show, Rick.


UPDATE: more here

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