State offices of Homeland Security have problems too

Rampant theft and loss of government property is apparently not limited to the federal Department of Homeland Security. This article details how this is prevalent in state DHS offices too. From Colorado:

The most recent monitoring reports finished by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security included the “West Region” represented by Gunnison County, the Denver “Urban Area Security Initiative” (UASI) region, and the “North central region” represented by Arapahoe County.

In the Gunnison County report, state supervisors were critical of the fact that many pieces of equipment were gathering dust or sitting unused in storage. Additionally, all-terrain vehicles appeared to be missing during the review.

Accounting was also an issue for the Denver “urban” region. In one specific instance, local authorities allowed a one-million dollar check to sit in an unused mailbox.

The auditors highlighted the fact that the Denver UASI region had kept two separate books, making proper accounting virtually impossible.

“It appears that in some cases, there has just been too much bureaucracy for these local homeland security responders to know what to do. They’re looking at county rules, state rules, and trying to make them mesh with federal rules and regulations all at the same time,” said Independece Institute President, Jon Caldara.

Several things are painfully obvious here:

  • There is too much DHS money thrown around
  • The bureaucracies involved are clueless on how to manage themselves
  • The left hand doesn’t even know the right hand exists, much less what it’s doing
  • We need to stop this wasteful madness

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