Libs to flood talk radio?

Organizing for America, our dear comrade leader’s campaign organization has launched an online campaign to get their lefty minions to call in to talk radio programs and promote the president’s ideas. (story here) Yeah, that will work…

The online “tool” presents a list (website here):

  • talk shows with phone numbers
  • rules of engagement
  • talking points
  • a form to report back to OFA

“The fate of health reform has been a focus of debate in living rooms and offices, on TV and online — and on talk radio. And since millions of folks turn to talk radio as a trusted source of news and opinions, we need to make sure OFA supporters are calling in with a pro-reform message,” says the introduction to the online tool.

The online tool presents users with a radio show discussing political topics, to which supporters can listen live, and the phone number for that station, for when health care comes up. It also offers tips for callers and talking points on the issue.

While this may seem like a smart move, it has no chance to succeed. The various talk shows already know about this and will likely be ready to respond – especially when these drones all have the same points with the exact same language.

On line tools for on line fools…


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