Government “weatherization” is a FAIL – naturally

You would be hard pressed to put the words “government” and “success” in a single sentence. Add the word “stimulus” and it becomes impossible. So it’s no surprise that the government “green jobs” weatherization program has been a complete and utter FAIL. (more here)

The Department of Energy’s latest report on the Weatherization Assistance Program—a $5 billion piece of the now year-old Recovery Act—is disheartening. A mere $368.2 million dollars of the $5 billion have been spent and about 5 percent of units allocated funding across the nation have been completed. Of the top 10 most funded states, only two have completed more than 2 percent of the planned units, and there has been more time spent taking wage surveys, in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act, than there has been caulking, stripping and insulating homes.

So they wasted more time figuring out how much to pay workers than actually doing work. Lovely. More ridiculous bullshit from our wonderful government…


One Response to “Government “weatherization” is a FAIL – naturally”

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