Assinine government idea of the day

[From my friend and former bandmate, Ron Lane]

Sometimes you really have to wonder at government assholery. There are actually idiots who sit around all day dreaming up things like this:

Miami Considers Ban on Feeding the Homeless Without Training

Are you freaking kidding me?

Miami residents may have to think twice before giving up their leftovers to the homeless.

The Miami City Commission is set to consider a proposal next month that would prohibit unauthorized people and groups from feeding the homeless downtown, an ordinance proponents say will cut down on litter and ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat.

Huh? What? So you’ll need to be trained to feed the homeless? Ron’s comment pretty much sums it up:

This left me speechless.! Don’t they have laws against littering? The homeless are now a sub-species who are no longer accountable for their actions? So “the public” can no longer “feed” the homeless unless they’re “trained?” Will there be a charge to attend training classes and will people willingly pay to be trained? Good grief, we need to pump more money into our space program to find intelligent life on other planets, because it’s apparent that it’s in short supply here!!!

Well said, Ron.

The assholery of government knows absolutely no bounds…

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