The push to unionize TSA

tsa worker

TSA Hard at work

There’s a big push on to unionize the TSA. Our dear leader promised this during his campaign and now the unions want him to pay up.

“Now, we have been patient with the administration,” said John Gage, the national president of the American Federation of Government Employees. “Our people, we’re frustrated by the lack of having a strong leadership at TSA. The agency desperately needs it. So we’ve just decided to step out on this and to move the issue within our rights.”

Gage’s union, which represents 600,000 federal workers, filed a petition Monday with the Federal Labor Relations Authority to conduct an election that would let them represent 40,000 transportation security officers at airports around the country.

“It would have been obviously more traditional to have collective bargaining rights and then move for an election, but the need for these workers to have a voice is just a necessity,” Gage said. “This is something that not just our union, but as I said all of labor, has right in its targets because we’re just not going to be insulted this way.”

Not going to be insulted this way? Huh? I can just imagine a unionized TSA not being able to fire a grossly incompetent employee (like the one in the above photo) because of conditions in their contract. Perhaps they would have to create “rubber rooms” like they have for teachers (more here and here) who are too incompetent or downright dangerous to be in the classroom. Just imagine what would happen if the TSA union decided to strike – it would bring air travel to a standstill. But that’s OK because these people have a “right” to unionize.

Read the whole thing…


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