Navy to allow women on submarines

This may be good news for some but I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea. It will require some expensive refitting on the sub fleet, but besides that, it is just a bad idea. It hasn’t worked out particularly well for the Navy’s surface fleet either.

Sheila McNeill, former national Navy League president and a former adviser for women’s affairs for the Department of Defense, is sticking with her opposition to women serving on subs. She said boats at Kings Bay would likely be the first ones with women because the submarines there would be the least expensive to redesign.

“I’m amazed it happened so quickly,” she said of the decision. “I think they’re dead set on it. I still think it’s a bad idea.”

McNeill said she supports more opportunities for women in the military, but said it will be costly to retrofit submarines to accommodate them.

She speculated one reason the Navy made the decision is there may be a possible shortage of men willing to serve on submarines.

“But I wonder at what cost,” she said. “I think privacy, quality of life for the submariners … career progression and unit cohesiveness are still concerns.”

Call me old fashioned or whatever but I just don’t think women should serve in combat. It’s one thing on a large surface ship but on a sub, the whole boat fights.

Let’s face it, women and men are different (in case you haven’t noticed). There are some things that women are better at than men and some that men excel in. Combat is not a woman’s job – period…

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