Former Detroit mayor has more ‘splainin’ to do

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, after serving time for a previous scandal, is now back in the sights of the FBI – this time as part of a major corruption investigation that also involves his father. The immediate impact of this new scandal could (should) fall on the former mayor’s mother, a representative of the 13th district. (runs in the family, doesn’t it?)

“No one’s surprised, it’s sort of par for the course,” said Dennis Darnoi, a political operative in Oakland County who runs Densar Consulting. Darnoi said a number of Oakland County businessmen interested in doing business with the city said they were given Bernard Kilpatrick’s number and told to call it to set up a meeting with the mayor. Bernie Kilpatrick would then allegedly request $10,000 to guarantee a meeting with City Hall. “It was just kind of how business was done,” Darnoi said.

Nine people have already plead guilty in connection to the long-running federal investigation of the city government and a 10th, political consultant Sam Riddle, recently saw his case end in a mistrial when the lone black jury member refused to discuss the particulars of the case with her fellow jurors. The Detroit Free Press reported Sunday that the FBI is considering bringing racketeering charges against the Kilpatricks and their accomplices.

Detroit is a sewer (literally and politically) and these people have had a huge hand in making it that way.

Read the whole smelly thing…


2 Responses to “Former Detroit mayor has more ‘splainin’ to do”

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